What Are Batch Built-in Variables


What What Are Batch Built-in Variables?

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Batch built-in variables are variables that defined by the batch execution context:

  • %CD% - expands to the current directory string.
  • %DATE% - expands to current date using same format as DATE command.
  • %TIME% - expands to current time using same format as TIME command.
  • %RANDOM% - expands to a random decimal number between 0 and 32767.
  • %ERRORLEVEL% - expands to the current ERRORLEVEL value
  • %CMDEXTVERSION% - expands to the current Command Processor Extensions version number.
  • %CMDCMDLINE% - expands to the original command line that invoked the Command Processor.
  • %HIGHESTNUMANODENUMBER% - expands to the highest NUMA node number on this machine.


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