Track Installed Programs with PowerShell "get-itemproperty" on Windows 8


How to track and maintain installed programs with registry keys using PowerShell "get-itemproperty" on Windows 8? I know how to use PowerShell cmdlets.



If you want to get a list of all installed applications on your Windows 8 based on registry keys with PowerShell cmdlets, you can use the "get-childitem" cmdlet as described in this tutorial:

1. Start a PowerShell window

2. Run the following command to dump the "Uninstall" registry entries:

PS C:\fyicenter> get-itemproperty 
   > Installed-Programs_Keys.txt

3. Open Installed-Programs_Keys.txt in Notepad. You see a list of installed programs recorded in the file, as shown in the example below:

HideDisplayName         : McAfee Security Scan Plus
DisplayIcon             : "C:\Program Files\McAfee Security Scan\uninstall.exe"
UninstallString         : "C:\Program Files\McAfee Security Scan\uninstall.exe"
VersionMajor            : 3
VersionMinor            : 11
VersionBuild            : 599
Version                 : 3.11.599.11
ExePath                 : C:\Program Files\McAfee Security 
ExeParams               : SecurityScanner.dll
InstallVersionDirectory : C:\Program Files\McAfee Security Scan\3.11.599\
InstallDirectory        : C:\Program Files\McAfee Security Scan
Publisher               : McAfee, Inc.
EstimatedSize           : 10500
Rank                    : 10
DisplayVersion          : 3.11.599.11
Affid                   : 0
DisplayName             : McAfee Security Scan Plus
PSPath                  : Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN
                          \McAfee Security Scan
PSParentPath            : Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\Registry::HKEY_LOCAL_MACHIN
PSChildName             : McAfee Security Scan
PSDrive                 : HKLM
PSProvider              : Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\Registry

4. Run the command for other "Uninstall" registry locations:

PS C:\fyicenter> get-itemproperty 
   >> Installed-Programs_Keys.txt
PS C:\fyicenter> get-itemproperty 
   >> Installed-Programs_Keys.txt
PS C:\fyicenter> get-itemproperty 
   >> Installed-Programs_Keys.txt


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