Default Picture File Folder on Windows 7


Where is the default picture file folder on my Windows 7 system to see the saved picture? I clicked "Save in folder: Pictures" option when receiving a picture file from my cell phone.



The default picture file folder on my Windows 7 is the "My Pictures" folder in your account home area: "C:\Users\joe\Pictures" as shown in this tutorial:

1. On your cell phone, press "Menu > My Stuff > Pictures".

2. Select "MorningPicture.jpg" and run "Send > via Bluetooth" command on the "Options" menu.

3. Confirm the selected picture and select "NEW_LAPTOP" that represents the your connected laptop. You will see the "Request for FTP file access permission" notification showing up in the taskbar on your Windows 7 system.

4. Click on the notification message. You will see the "Bluetooth" window showing up.

5. Click "Save in folder: Pictures" to receive "MorningPicture.jpg" in the default folder.

6. Run "Windows Explorer" and go to "C:\Users\joe\Pictures". You will see the picture file, "MorningPicture.jpg", listed there as shown below:

Bluetooth - Default Picture File Folder
Bluetooth - Default Picture File Folder


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