Set Bluetooth Shared Folder on Windows 7


Where is the setting for the Bluetooth shared folder on my Windows 7 system?



The Bluetooth shared folder is a file folder location used by the Bluetooth driver to store files received from other Bluetooth devices.

If you want to know where is the Bluetooth shared folder is located, and reset to a different location, you can follow these steps:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth radio on your computer using instructions provided in the previous tutorial.

2. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar (system tray) and select the "Open Settings" command. You will see the "Bluetooth Settings" window showing up.

3. Click the "Shared Folder" tab and review the settings listed below:

Shared Folder: C:\Users\joe\Documents\My Received Files

[x] Allow remote devices to browse shared folder
[x] Notify me when uploading files to the shared folder.

4. Click "Browse..." button to reset the Bluetooth shared folder to a different location.

5. Uncheck "Allow remote devices to browse shared folder" to protect your system. You can turn it on when you need it.

See the picture below:

Bluetooth Shared Folder on Windows 7
Bluetooth Shared Folder on Windows 7


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