"Audio/Video Remote Control" for iPhone


What is the "Audio/Video Remote Control" "Bluetooth Service View" program on Windows 7?

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"Audio/Video Remote Control" is a user interface provided by the "Bluetooth Service View" program on Windows 7 to control your iPhone remotely over the Bluetooth connection.

"Bluetooth Service View" program runs automatically on your Windows 7 computer after you finish the Bluetooth connection with your iPhone.

"Bluetooth Service View" program displays a taskbar tray icon. If you click on the tray icon, you see the "Audio/Video Remote Control" interface.

If you play any audio or video on your iPhone, your Windows 7 computer speaker will be used. And you can pause and resume the play, or increase and decrease the volume on your computer.

"Bluetooth Service View" program file information:

   Name: btmsrvview.exe
   Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Bluetooth\btmsrvview.exe
   Description: Bluetooth Service View
   Version: 18.1.1508.0542
   Size: 501736 bytes
   Last modified: 9/21/2015 9:37:10 PM
   Company Name: Motorola Solutions, Inc.

The picture below shows the "Bluetooth Service View" icon and the "Audio/Video Remote Control" interface:
Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control for iPhone


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