Send File with Bluetooth Wizard to iPhone Failed


Why am I not able to send files from Windows 7 computer to iPhone using the Bluetooth Wizard?



If you try to use the Bluetooth Wizard to send files like pictures, music or videos, but it may fail as shown below:

1. Pair your iPhone to your Windows 7 as shown in previous tutorials.

2. On Window 7 laptop, locate a nice picture file, Sunrise.jpg, with Windows Explorer.

3. Right-click on "Sunrise.jpg". You see the context menu showing up.

4. Select "Send to" > "Bluetooth" from the menu. You see the "Send File To Bluetooth Device Wizard" window showing up.

5. Click "Next". You see the "Select Bluetooth Device" window showing up with the connected device "My iPhone".

6. Click on "My iPhone". You see a error message displayed: "Device Object Push Service is not available or busy".

The error message tells us that the Bluetooth connection with iPhone does not support the Device Object Push Service.

So there is no way to exchange files with iPhone Bluetooth connections.

The picture below shows the error message when sending files to iPhone with Bluetooth connection on Windows 7:
Bluetooth - Send File to iPhone from Windows 7 Failed


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