Receive Picture File from Cell Phone on Windows 7


How to receive a picture file sent from my Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone on Windows 7? I see the "Request for FTP file access permission" notification in the taskbar.



When you see the "Request for FTP file access permission" notification in the taskbar, you can follow this tutorial to receive the picture file sent from your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone:

1. On your cell phone, press "Menu > My Stuff > Pictures". You will see all picture files stored on your cell phone.

2. Select "MorningPicture.jpg" and run "Send > via Bluetooth" command on the "Options" menu.

3. Confirm the selected picture and select "NEW_LAPTOP" that represents the your connected laptop. You will see the "Request for FTP file access permission" notification showing up in the taskbar on your Windows 7 system.

4. Click on the notification message. You will see the "Bluetooth" window showing up with these instructions and options to receive the picture file:

Bluetooth device MYPHONE is attempting to send file 
"MorningPicture.jpg" to this computer.

[ ] Always do this for image files from MYPHONE

Save file
   Save in folder: Pictures
   Click here to change folder

Open file with application
   Window Media Center
   Microsoft Office 2010
   Windows Photo Viewer
Do not accept

5. Click "Save in folder: Pictures" to receive "MorningPicture.jpg" in the default folder.

See the picture below:
Bluetooth - Receiving Picture File Options


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