Bluetooth Connection from Samsung SGH-A777 to Windows 7


How can I initiate a Bluetooth connection from you Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone to my Windows 7 system?



If you don't want to initiate the Bluetooth connection from your Windows 7 system, you can initiate the Bluetooth connection from your SGH-A777 cell phone using these steps:

1. Check your Windows 7 system to make sure that the Bluetooth radio is on and the Bluetooth device is set to be discoverable.

2. Press "Menu" and select "Settings" on your SGH-A777 cell phone.

3. Select "Connectivity" and select "Bluetooth".

4. Select "Search for New Device". The cell phone will search and find the Bluetooth device on your Windows 7 computer. "NEW_LAPTOP" shows up on the cell phone representing the Windows 7 computer.

5. Select "NEW_LAPTOP". It will prompt you for Passkey.

6. Enter "654321" as the Passkey and press "Pair".

7. A pop up message shows up from the Bluetooth icon on your Windows 7 computer:

A Bluetooth device is trying to connect

Click to allow this.

See picture below:
Bluetooth Connection Request on Windows 7


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