What's New in Windows Server 2016?


What is new in Windows Server 2016?

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Here is a list of new features in Windows Server 2016:

  • Nano Server - Microsoft announced a new installation option, Nano Server, which offers a minimal-footprint headless version of Windows Server. It excludes the graphical user interface, WoW64 (support for 32-bit software) and Windows Installer.
  • Windows Server Containers - Docker-based containers intended for low-trust workloads where you don't mind that container instances running on the same server may share some common resources.
  • Linux Secure Boot - It allows you to deploy Linux VMs under Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V with no trouble without having to disable the otherwise stellar Secure Boot feature.
  • Storage Spaces Direct - It takes advantage of new hardware like NVMe SSDs, while still supporting older SATA-based hardware. A minimum of four nodes must be available to create a cluster with Storage Spaces Direct.
  • ReFS as Primary File System - ReFS is stable enough now to be the primary file system. It is intended as a high-performance, high-resiliency file system intended for use with Storage Spaces Direct


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