Add Website to IE 11 Trusted Zone


How to add a Website to Internet Explorer 11 trusted zone?



Internet Explorer includes five predefined zones:

  • Internet
  • Local Intranet
  • Trusted Sites
  • Restricted Sites
  • My Computer

You can set different security levels for different zones. For example, you can set the security to the highest level on the "Internet" zone. You can set the security to the medium level on the "Trusted Sites" zone.

If there is one Website on the Internet you can trust, you can add it to the "Trusted Sites" zone.

1. Go to "Settings > Internet Options".

2. Click the "Security" tab and "Trusted Sites". You see security settings for the trusted websites.

3. Click "Sites" button. You see a list of trusted Websites.

4. Enter "" and click "Add". The Google Website will be trusted.

Add Website to Trusted Zone


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