"Network discovery is turned off" Error on Windows 10


Why am I getting the "Network discovery is turned off" error on my Windows 10 computer?

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The "network discovery" option is a setting configured individually for each Internet connection type. If you are connecting to the Internet in the public place like airport, the connect type will have the "network discovery" option turned off by default.

Here is an example:

1. Go to an airport or a local library. And connect to the Internet using the public Wi-Fi.

2. Click on "Network". You may get the following error:


Network discovery is turned off. Network computers and devices are not
visible. Please turn on network discovery in Network and Sharing Center.

Network discovery is turned off - Error on Windows 10

If you worry about the risk of network discovery function on a public Wi-Fi connection, stop here. Do not turn on "Network Discovery".

If you are on a private Wi-FI or LAN connection, you can follow the next tutorial to turn on "Network Discovery".


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