What Is File Sharing


What Is File Sharing function on my Windows 10 computer?

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File Sharing is a networking function provided on Windows 10 to allow you sharing files and folders from one computer to other computers.

Here is what needed to share files/folders on your computer to others.

1. The "File sharing" function must be turned on on your computer.

2. The file or folder must be flagged to be shared to other computers.

3. The sharing should be restricted to a single user or user group, and limited to read and/or write operations.

4. Give the network address of the shared file/folder others to use: The network address of a share file has the following format. The "computer-name" is your computer name and the "path-name" is the file/folder file path.


You can use "File sharing" function to exchange files with co-workers, or transfer files from your old computer to your new computer.


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