Turn on "Network Discovery" on Windows 10


How to turn "Network Discovery" on my Windows 10 computer?

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The "Network Discovery" function allows you to see other computers on the network and also makes your computer visible to other computers.

Here is how to turn on "Network Discovery" function based on the type of Internet connections:

1. Go to "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center". You see your current Internet connection status.

2. Take note on the type of network connection. For example, the diagram below shows that you are connected as a "Public network".

3. Click on "Change advanced sharing settings" from the left menu. You see the sharing options for each network profile (or type).

4. Click to open the "Guest or Public" section.

5. Click to turn on "Turn on network discovery" under the "Network discovery" section:

Network discovery

When network discovery is on, this computer can see other network
computers and devices and is visible to other network computers.
   [x] Turn on network discovery
   [ ] Turn off network discovery

6. Click "Save changes".

Turn on Network Discovery on Windows 10
Turn on Network Discovery on Windows 10

Now your computer and other computers on the local network can see each other now.

For security consideration, you should consider configure your home Wi-Fi as "Private" and other Wi-Fi as "Public". Then you can turn on network discovery for your "Private" home Wi-Fi connection only.


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