Change File Properties to Share on Windows 10


How to Change File Properties on my Windows 10 computer to share it with other computers?



You can follow this tutorial to change file properties to flag it as shared, so other computer can access it.

1. Turn on the "File sharing" option on your computer for the current network connection.

2. Use File Explorer to find and select the file/folder that you want to share, for example, C:\Users\fyicenter folder.

3. Right-mouse click on the file/folder, and select properties. You see the properties dialog box.

4. Click to "Sharing" tab. You see the sharing status of this file/folder.

5. Click "Share" button. You see the sharing permission screen.

6. Use the dropdown to find a specific network user/group to whom you want to share. You can also select "Everyone", which is easy to setup, but more risk.

7. Click "Add" button to add the selected user/group to the permission list.

8. Change the permission level to Read or Read/Write.

9. Click "Share" button to save the changes. You see a network address returned back, like "\\LAPTOP\fyicenter".

Share File/Folder on Windows 10
Share File/Folder on Windows 10

10. Give this network address to other users on the network so they can access this folder to open and create files.


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