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How to change starting page setting on Edge Web browser? I want to set it



Starting page is a very important setting in Edge Web browser. It determines the first Website you will see each time you start Edge Web browser. So you want to start a page that can be loaded quickly and useful.

But this setting might be changed in many cases:

1. When you purchase a new computer. It will be set to the computer manufacture Website, like Dell.

2. Upgrading Edge. It will be set to Microsoft Website.

3. Installing an Internet connection program. It will be set to the Internet provider Website, like Verizon Website.

4. Installing Web-based applications, it will be set to the Website of the application provider.

5. When your computer gets infected by an adware/spyware, it will be set to an advertiser Website.

If you want to change it back to your preferred Website, you need go to "... > Settings".

Change "Open Microsoft Edge with" to "A specific page or pages". Then enter "" and click the save icon.

Also change "Open new tabs with" to "A blank page".

Edge Web Browser Start Page Setting


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