Audio CD (CD-DA) Physical Parameters


What's Audio CD (CD-DA) Physical Parameters?

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According the Compact Disc Digital Audio or CD-DA specification, the "Red Book", an audio CD should have the following physical parameters as mentioned on Scanning velocity: 1.2-1.4 m/s (constant linear velocity) - equivalent to approximately 500 rpm at the inside of the disc, and approximately 200 rpm at the outside edge. (A disc played from beginning to end slows down during playback.) Track pitch: 1.6 micrometer Disc diameter 120 mm Disc thickness: 1.2 mm Inner radius program area: 25 mm Outer radius program area: 58 mm Center spindle hole diameter: 15 mm The program area is 86.05 cm**2 and the length of the recordable spiral is 86.05 cm**2 / 1.6 micrometer = 5.38 km.

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