Printing MP3 Encoding Information with mpgtx


Printing MP3 Encoding Information with mpgtx

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MP3 music files are MPEG 1 layer 3 files. Let's see if mpgtx can print MPEG encoding information from a MP3 file:

C:\temp>\local\bin\mpgtx -i xxx.mp3
Skipped -2 zeroes at start of file
mpgtx: AT EOF - please stop me!
mmm, this file does not start with a pack, offset: -2
use the desperate_mode switch as the first option -X to search for 
a header in the whole file! if you want to force the operation. 
May yield to an endless loop if no valid header is found!
Does not even begin with a 00 00 01 xx sequence!

  Audio : Mpeg 1 layer 3
  Estimated Duration: 05:59.73s
  192 kbps  44100 Hz
  Frame size: 627 bytes
  Stereo,  No emphasis,  (c),  copy
  ID3 v1.0 tag
     title   : xxx
     artist  : Unknown
     album   : First Album
     genre   : Other
  ID3 v2.3.0 tag (more info on
     TIT2 : xxx
     TALB : First Album
     TCON : Classic
     TPE1 : Unknown

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