Detecting Trojan Vundo with McAfee VirusScan


Detecting Trojan Vundo with McAfee VirusScan

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1. The first interesting note is on how McAfee VirusScan reacts to the DLL files. As unzip the file that contains those suspicious DLL files, McAfee VirusScan On-Access Scan pops up a window telling that:
fcissfvg.dll Vundo Trojan Deleted
lyssmlnb.dll Vundo Trojan Deleted

2. The second interesting note is on the impact left on Windows system after McAfee VirusScan detected Trojan Vundo. When tried to shut down Windows system after unzipping and closing McAfee VirusScan detection report window,the system, Windows XP, did close all applications normally. But it failed to shutdown completely with only the desktop background image on the screen. Nothing else is running.

Tried to push the power off button, but the system refused to shutdown. Remove the external power supply and remove the battery.

Then put the power supply back, and turned on the system. Windows started without any trouble. VirusScan did not report any issues. So may be it's normal for VirusScan to hold your shut down process to prevent triggering Vundo program again.

Repeat 3 times of playing with McAfee VirusScan on those suspicious DLL files. Ggot exactly the same results:
* VirusScan failed to report Vundo on yjsallam.dll.
* VirusScan caused my system not able to shutdown after scanning Vundo DLL files.

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