Removing xxxxxxxx.dll Files Generated by Vundo


Removing xxxxxxxx.dll Files Generated by Vundo

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1. Zipped all 2 suspicious files into a zip file,, and tried to delete them:
>del C:\WINDOWS\system32\swcskmxu.dll

>del C:\WINDOWS\system32\gidijvia.dll
(not deleted because it is in use)

2. Closed all Internet Explorer windows and File Explorer windows, and ran HijackThis:
Find and check the gidijvia.dll in the log
Click the "Fix checked" button

3. Ran HijackThis again:
Go to Config >> Misc Tools >> Delete a file on reboot
Select file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\gidijvia.dll
Click Yes to reboot the system

4. Verified the following places:

HijackThis report: clean
C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory: clean
Internet Explorer add-on list: clean

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