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Bluetooth Icon in the System XP Tray Area
What is the Bluetooth icon in the system tray area on my Windows XP system? The Bluetooth icon in the system tray area represents the Bluetooth tray program which provide quick access to Bluetooth functions offered by the Bluetooth package installed on your Windows XP system. On a ThinkPad laptop, t...
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Does it means that I am able to connect with bluetooth divices?
"C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BTTray.exe" Does it means that I am able to connect with bluetooth divices?. I have a vaio VPCEE33EL but I donĀ“t know if it is capable to connect via bluetooth.
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Processes Running on Vista Enterprise Edition
What are basic processes running on a Vista Enterprise Edition? The table below gives you a list of basic processes running on a Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1, system. If you are running the same edition, you can compare processes running your system against this list. This compar...
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Dump Process List to File on Windows 7
How to dump the list of all processes that are running on my Windows 7 system? I want save names of all running processes into a file. You can dump all processes that are running on your Windows 7 using the tastlist.exe as shown in this tutorial: 1. Enter "cmd.exe" in the Start button search box. Th...
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Background Process List - Commonly Used Background Processes on Windows Systems
What are the commonly used background processes on Windows systems? A background process is a program that is running on the system without any user interface. Since most background processes are running invisiblly and quietly on your system, you need to use Task Manager to view them. Some backgroun...
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BTStackServer.exe - Process - Bluetooth Stack COM Server
What is BTStackServer.exe Process - Bluetooth Stack COM Server? Process BTStackServer.exe is the Bluetooth Stack COM Server from Broadcom. BTStackServer.exe is launched by the startup program: BTTray.exe. BTStackServer.exe process and program file info: CPU usage: 00% Memory usage: 6,692K Launching ...
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BTTray.exe - Process - Bluetooth Tray Application
What is BTTray.exe - Process - Bluetooth Tray Application? Process BTTray.exe is Bluetooth Tray Application which runs a tray program to allow you start bluetooth device configuration quickly. The Bluetooth tray icon look like this: . Process BTTray.exe is launched as a startup program with followin...
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Removing BTTray.exe from Startup Program List
How to remove BTTray.exe from startup program list? If you are not using any bluetooth devices, you should remove BTTray.exe from the startup program list to save about 12MB of memory: 1. Run Windows Explorer and go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. 2. Select and de...
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