AutoComplete Feature in Internet Explorer 11


What is the AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer (IE) 11? How to use it?

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If the AutoComplete feature in Internet Explorer 11 is turned on, it will provide you a list of suggested input values in the Address bar, a field on a webpage, or a box for a user name or password.

The suggested input values are based input values you have entered in the past. So you have erased the history data in Internet Explorer, no suggested input values will be provided.

The suggested input values are also based on initial characters you have entered in the input field. The more characters you entered, the less suggestions will be listed. But they will be more accurate.


  • The information used for suggested matches is stored on your computer and is encrypted to help protect your privacy. Websites do not have access to this information.
  • You can remove an item from the list of suggestions on web forms by clicking that item and then pressing the DELETE key. To learn how to delete entries from the Address bar list, click Related Topics.
  • You can decide what type of information the AutoComplete feature will remember or you can turn off the feature altogether. To learn how, click Related Topics.


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