Sending Picture from Samsung SGH-A777 Phone to Windows XP


How to send a picture from my cell phone to laptop using the Bluetooth connection?



If your laptop and your cell phone are connected with Bluetooth radio, you can send a picture from cell phone to laptop with these steps:

1. Establish the Bluetooth connection between your ThinkPad laptop and your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone.

2. On your cell phone, press "Menu > My Stuff > Pictures". You will see all picture files stored on your cell phone.

3. Select "PartyPhoto.jpg" and run "Send > via Bluetooth" command on the "Options" menu.

4. Confirm the selected picture and select "MYLAPTOP" that represents the your connected laptop. You will see the progress bar of the file transfer process showing up.

5. When the transfer is done, the picture file is saved on your laptop.


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