Bluetooth Connecting Failed on Windows 7


Why the connection failed when I try to connect my new Windows 7 computer to my old computer?



If you are trying to connect your new Windows 7 computer to your old computer with Bluetooth radio and failed, the most likely reason is that you are using the default Bluetooth driver provided by Microsoft.

Assuming you have new Lenovo ThinkPad computer running Windows 7 system, the tutorial presented below may match your situation:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth radio on your old computer and configure it to allow others to discover its Bluetooth device.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth radio on your new Windows 7 Lenovo ThinkPad computer.

3. Go to "Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Devices and Printers" and click "Add a device".

4. Wait for your old computer to show up and double click it. Remember the Bluetooth pairing code generated by Windows 7.

5. Go to your old computer and enter that pairing code.

6. Come back to your new Windows 7 computer and click OK to confirm the Bluetooth connection.

7. After some time, you will see connection failure message listed below:

Adding this device to this computer failed.

Adding this device failed because it does not support this type of authentication.

Try adding again, and check that the pairing code is correct.

Try to add the device without using a pairing code.

The Bluetooth connection can fail for a number of reasons. But if you are using brand new computer, the most likely reason is that default Bluetooth software driver provided in Windows 7 system is not good enough to support the Bluetooth physical device provided on your computer.

See next the tutorial on how to install the Bluetooth driver that matches your Bluetooth device and Windows system version.


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