My screen is shaking after updating to windows 8


After updating my windows 7 to windows 8 my screen starts to shake anywhere for no reason.. i find a connection between playing videos and surfing the web maybe.. my laptop is Hp Envy 17 1110nr

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After researching it by myself I found a solution but its not perfect..
The solution is in the power options of the graphics card,
I have an ATI 5800 graphics card so ill explain about it.
if you go to the catalyst software and go to power options ("PowerPlay") and you change the value while its plugged in (laptop pc) to "Maximize battery life" then No screen shaking will occur,
Though I have to warn you it will make your Graphics card capabilities in games lower and a bit slower so you're going to have readjust the game settings.
hope it helped and that it may lead you to the solution.

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