Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant fails (repeatedly): "Intializing checkout failed."


I'm attempting to download and install Windows 8 with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. I get to the point where I'm going to check out and get the following message:
We couldn't finish processing your order Your order requires additional processing
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Provided by arvato digital services, llc. Privacy Statement, Imprint. The following happened while processing your order:
Intializing checkout failed.
This happens whether I select the Credit Card or PayPal option.
The information I'm entering prior to that (name, address, phone number, etc.) is correct. I make online purchases all the time.
I've gotten the failure message 6-7x now in a row.

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I think its totally the payment processing company. It finally worked for me after repeated tries. The first 4 times I tried it with little or no pause between tries. I gave up for about an hour or so and then it worked on the fifth try. When I called MS Store the told me to wait 48 hours.

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