Windows Updates are available for Windows 8


Ive just started to run Windows 8 for the first time. Have there been any updates released for Windows 8?

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Yes. An update for Windows 8 has been released that addresses a set of post-launch issues. You will not be notified that this update is available during the first 24 hours after you run Windows 8 for the first time, however you can manually check for and install this update at any time.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Windows 8 installation, make sure you have installed the latest updates by following these steps:
1. At the Start screen, type Windows Update.

2. Tap or click Settings.
3. Tap or click Install optional updates.
4. Tap or click the link that says an important update is available. If you want to install any optional updates that are available, you can click the link notifying you that optional updates are available as well.
Check all of the updates you want to install and then tap or click the Install button. You will need to reboot your PC after installing the update for the changes to go into effect.

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