Sending Music Files to LG P925 Phone through Bluetooth


How can I send music files to my LG P925 phone from my Windows 7 laptop computer?



If your LG P925 cell phone is paired with your laptop, you can send music files stored in your laptop to your phone using these steps:

1. Pair your LG P925 phone to your Windows 7 laptop as shown in previous tutorials.

2. On Window 7 laptop, locate a nice music file, Wave.mp3, with Windows Explorer.

3. Right-click on "Wave.mp3". You see the context menu showing up.

4. Select "Send to" > "Bluetooth" from the menu. You see the "Bluetooth Send Wizard" window showing up.

5. Click "Next". You see the "Select Bluetooth Device" window showing up.

6. Double-click on "LG P925g". You see the "Sending Item(s)" windows showing up.

7. On LG P925 cell phone, tap [OK] on the "Bluetooth authorization request" to receive the music file.

8. When the transfer is done. The music file is stored in "Music" > "Albums" > "BLUETOOTH".


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