Features and Tools in Internet Explorer 10


What are new features and tools in Internet Explorer 10?

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Here are new features and tools in Internet Explorer 10.

1. Browser launch settings for opening links - You can choose one of the following options for which browsing experience to use when a link is clicked: Let Internet Explorer decide; Always in Internet Explorer; Always in Internet Explorer for the desktop.

2. Opening Internet Explorer tiles - You can choose how Internet Explorer tiles are opened. This applies to the Internet Explorer tile on the Start screen, as well as to individual sites that are pinned to tiles on the Start screen.

3. Web standards - Internet Explorer 10 provides updated support for the following web standards: HTML5, CSS Level 3, DOM, Indexed Database API, SVG

4. Enhanced Protected Mode - It works by extending the existing Protected Mode functionality to help prevent attackers from installing software, accessing personal information, accessing information from corporate Intranets, and from modifying system settings.

5. SmartScreen - The SmartScreen technology includes both the SmartScreen Filter and the SmartScreen download reputation feature.

6. Internet Explorer Administration Kit 10 (IEAK 10) - pros can use the IEAK 10 to create custom, branded versions of Internet Explorer 10, which can be delivered as standalone packages or with other software and services.

7. Unattend Settings - By using an Unattend.xml file during your Windows 8 installation, you can customize Internet Explorer 10 during the operating system installation.

8. Removed Internet Explorer Maintenance (IEM) and Profile Manager.

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