How to use the My photos screensaver?


like to use the My photos screensaver. I have hundreds of photos for it to pull from and it appears it is only using half of the photos. It uses the photos with file names that start with a through m but it does not include the photos from the rest of the alphabet. They are only in one folder, no subfolders. I keep seeing the same pictures over and over again. How do I get the screensaver to use ALL of the pictures in the library?

1. "Libraries/Pictures/MyPictures
2. JPEG and PNG
3. Yes with prior version of Windows on my old computer
4. No Just chose the folder I wanted to use
5. No. Didn't know I had to.

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Please provide the following information from so that we can assist you ahead.
1) From which location are you trying to set pictures for Screensaver?
2) What is the type of the photos which you are trying to set for Screensaver?
3) Were you able to use all the photos as screensaver earlier?
4) Did you make any changes to the screensaver settings prior to this issue?
5) Have you installed My Screensaver software?

would suggest you to move all the pictures present in Mypicture folders to Pictures folder in Libraries set those pictures as screensavers and check of it helps.

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