Copy music library from one laptop to another


I am a DJ and Dance Studio owner.

I have over 30,000 songs on 4 external drives on 4 different laptops. All running windows 7 with windows media player version 12. 1 of the laptops and 1 external drive is the master. All songs initially loaded on the master drive and laptop. I make all changes to the master drive and copy them to the other external drives.

As I use the master, I make changes to virtually every songs genre and title and I need these changes to appear on the other laptops library.

So my problem to how to copy the library from one laptop to another.

Now I heard about how the music being stored in different places causes a problem in the library because of the paths being wrong but I can tell you that is not a problem as I call and map the external drives exactly the same drive letter and path for each laptop. (this was first for if any drive craped out I just plug in a duplicate one.

I was able to copy the library on older versions of media player with external drives on windows 7 laptops. I just started having problems with new windows 7 laptops.

The amount of work to manually make changes to my library would take a year or more.

There must be a way to copy the library form one laptop to another using duplicated external drives with same drive letter mapping.

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

✍: John Vitti


There is no way to directly copy your player library from the master computer to slave computers.

But you can copy the content of the master external drive to other external drives. You need to do this, because changes of song's genre and title are stored with songs on the master drive.

Then go to your slave computers and relink the external drive to the Library. Your changes will show up.

You also need to copy your playlists from the master computer to slave computers

Read this tutorial for more details: Moving Music Player Library to Another Computer

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