WordPad Not Printing as Seen On Computer


I wrote a simple document, yet find each time I print it the format has been changed slightly, as in at which edge certain text appears. Why is this happening and how can I get it to print exactly as it appears on screen?

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You have mentioned in the post that you print the format slightly changes.

This can be caused if the updated driver is not installed for the printer you are using.

I would appreciate if you can provide us the following information to help us understand the issue better.

1. Is this issue specific to WordPad?
2. Are you facing the same issue while printing from a different program?
Try updating your printer drivers by following these steps:
a. Press Windows and X key together and select Device Manager.
b. Locate the printer driver.
c. Right click on the printer driver icon and click on “Update Driver software”.
d. Click on “Search automatically for Updated driver software” option.

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