Cannot open Junk folder on the Mail app


I tried both the suggestions posted and neither worked to make my Junk folder appear. The little dots are still just spinning away.

By the way, I only have two email accounts on this app: and gmail. The problem only happens with my account

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would suggest you switch Microsoft account to Local account and then create new Microsoft user account check if it helps.

Open the Windows 8.1 settings either by searching for “Settings” from the Start screen or by using the Charms Bar (Win Key + C) to open PC Settings.

Once there, click on “Accounts,” then “Your Account.”

Click “Disconnect” to start the process

A new window will open asking you to enter your Microsoft Account password. Click “Next” after entering it.

You’ll be asked to name your new Local account, enter a password and give yourself a hint about it.

Then create new User account and check if it helps.

Create a user account

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