Problem with windows search in Google Drive folder


The windows folder search function is not working within my google drive folder. It works in home directories, but not the google drive folder. I have turned on indexing in the folder, and my user account has full read/write/execute access as well. Otherwise, the google drive folder is working fine. I'm running Windows 8.1.

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That same thread has a more correct solution, too. It's an inheritable permissions problem, so do this:

Go to the actual folder in its C:\Users\\Google Drive\ (NOT the Google Drive folder listed under 'FAVOURITES' which is a shortcut).

Right click 'Google Drive' > Security tab > Advanced > Click your username (mine showed ) > Click 'Change Permissions' > Check the 'Include inheritable permissions...' box > Click ok.

Search indexing of Google Drive should then begin in the background.

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