See Process Properties with Process Explorer on Windows 7


How to see detailed process properties with Process Explorer on Windows 7? I want to know everything about Firefox process.



Process Explorer provides a large amount of details of each process on Windows 7. You can follow these steps to access properties screen of a process with Process Explorer:

1. Double click on C:\fyicenter\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe to start Process Explorer. You will all processes displayed in a tree structure.

2. Scroll down to the "explorer.exe" section, locate and double click on "firefox.exe". You will see the Firefox properties screen displayed with 9 tabs:

  • Image - Information about the image file of the process. It includes information like program file properties, the command line used to launch the program, etc.
  • Performance - Information about how the process performs. It includes information like CPU usage, Memory usage, I/O usage, how long it has been running, etc.
  • Performance Graph - Graphical view of key performance information.
  • GPU Graph - Graphical view of GPU (graphics processing unit) usage.
  • Threads - List of threads that are running inside the process. Threads are individual execution units of code that are running in parallel.
  • TCP/IP - List of Internet connections used by this process. This is good for catching virus or malware that connects to unknown systems.
  • Security - Information related to security like user privileges.
  • Environment - List of environment variables that are used by this process.
  • Strings - List of strings found in this process. This is good for identifying process to ensure it is not faked by a virus or malware.

Here is a picture of the Performance tab on Process Explorer for the Firefox process:
Windows 7 Process Explorer - firefox.exe Performance


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