Locate an Application on Process Explorer on Windows 7


How to locate a process that represents an application like Firefox on Process Explorer on Windows 7? I want to see more details about the Firefox process.

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Process Explorer list processes on Windows 7 in a tree structure representing process parent and child relation.

Since all application processes that are launched from the desktop are child processes of the explorer.exe process, application processes will be listed inside explorer.exe.

You can follow this steps to see more information of application like Firefox.exe:

1. Double click on C:\fyicenter\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe to start Process Explorer. You will all processes displayed in a tree structure.

2. Scroll down to the "explorer.exe" section, and locate "firefox.exe". You will see some mouseover popup text telling the command line used to launch Firefox.
Windows 7 Process Explorer - firefox.exe Processes


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