Dependency Walker in Process Explorer on Windows 7


How to use the Dependency Walker in Process Explorer to a file on Windows 7? I want to know what DLL libraries are used by Firefox.



Dependency Walker is a nice function in Process Explorer that allows you see what DLL libraries are used by each process.

To find out the DLL dependency tree of the Firefox process, you can follow these steps:

1. Double click on C:\fyicenter\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe to start Process Explorer. You will all processes displayed.

2. Locate the Firefox process "firefox.exe".

3. Right-mouse click on "firefox.exe" and select "Launch Depends" You will see the Dependency Walker screen with all DLL libraries used by Firefox displayed in two sections

The top section displays all DLLs as a dependency tree representing the relation of one DLL invokes other DLLs.

The second section displays all DLLs in a simple list sequentially.

The picture below shows you the Dependency Walker screen showing DLLs of the Firefox process: of the Performance Graph tab on Process Explorer
Windows 7 Process Explorer - Dependency Walker


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