Resource Handles in Process Explorer on Windows 7


How to find out what resource handles are used by an application with Process Explorer on Windows 7? I want to know what files are open by Firefox.



If you want to see all resources used by an application like Firefox the Process Explorer, you can follow this steps:

1. Double click on C:\fyicenter\ProcessExplorer\procexp.exe to start Process Explorer. You will all processes displayed.

2. Locate and select the Firefox process "firefox.exe".

3. Click menu "View > Show Lower Pane" to open the process details pane. You see a list of DLLs and resources handles used by Firefox in the lower pane.

4. Click menu "View > Lower Pane View > Handles" to list resource handles only. You see a list of resource handles used by Firefox, like files, registry keys, threads, etc.

Notice that how many files are used by Firefox.

The picture below shows you the resource handle list used by Firefox with Process Explorer:
Windows 7 Process Explorer - Resource Handles


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