SearchEnh1.dll - United Online (NetZero) Browser Search Enhancements


What is SearchEnh1.dll - DLL file - United Online (NetZero) Browser Search Enhancements?



SearchEnh1.dll is installed as part of the NetZero Dialup package. SearchEnh1.dll is the Browser Search Enhancements module produced by United Online (NetZero).

SearchEnh1.dll is installed as part of the Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer (IE).

SearchEnh1.dll file information:

Directory: C:\Program Files\NZSearch
File name: SearchEnh1.dll
Description: Browser Search Enhancements
Size: 102,472 Bytes
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 2004, 3:29:02 AM
Version: 2.1.3123.769
Company name: United Online (NetZero)
System essential: No
Virus/Spyware/Adware: No


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