Registry Keys for Installed Programs on Windows 8


Where are registry keys located for installed software and programs on my Windows 8 system?



When a software or program is installed on Windows 8 system, a set of registry keys are added in the system to help track and manage the software or program. You can follow the steps below to find registry keys of all installed software or programs.

1. Run "regedit.exe". You see the Registry Editor screen showing up.

2. Follow the registry key tree to locate the section: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall You see a list of installed 32-bit programs represented by long string of program IDs.

For example, if you have McAfee installed, you will see the registry key folder like: {EF79C448-6946-4D71-8134-03407888C054}, which contains registry keys related to McAfee:

"DisplayName"="Shared C Run-time for x64"
"ModifyPath"=MsiExec.exe /I{EF79C448-6946-4D71-8134-03407888C054}
"UninstallString"=MsiExec.exe /I{EF79C448-6946-4D71-8134-03407888C054}

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