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What are Edge Web Browser temporary files?

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Edge Web Browser temporary files are local copies of Web pages, pictures and other Internet files that you have visited and used on the Internet with your Edge Web browser.

By default, your Edge bowser will store temporary files in the folder: "C:\Users\$user\AppData\Local\Packages \Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\Temp".

If you view this folder, you will see a lot of files in this folder. It keeps track of which Websites you have visited, what files you have accessed at what time. Here is list of some examples of Edge browser temporary files:

10/20/2018  12:38 AM           459,916 Dow1416.tmp
10/20/2018  12:45 PM           137,621 URL598.tmp
10/20/2018  03:45 AM           133,617 URLB7D.tmp
10/20/2018  07:15 PM           137,617 URL18D7.tmp
10/20/2018  10:15 AM           133,617 URL1C95.tmp
10/20/2018  02:45 AM           133,617 URL1C9D.tmp
10/20/2018  10:45 PM           137,617 URL5E89.tmp
10/20/2018  02:15 PM           137,617 URL6BF9.tmp
10/20/2018  05:15 AM           133,617 URL71EF.tmp
10/20/2018  08:45 PM           137,617 URL8088.tmp
10/20/2018  12:14 PM            16,384 ~DF2A96BD8AA4B00822.TMP
10/20/2018  03:18 AM            20,480 ~DFA1BE02A0A456CCAC.TMP

Note that if you are using someone else's computer to visit some Websites, each Web pages you have accessed will be recorded on that computer, unless you remove those temporary files.


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