Internet Explorer - Files Installed by Yahoo Toolbar on Your Windows System

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    Administration (164)
    Adware Spyware (39)
    Apache (19)
    Bluetooth (109)
    DOS Commands (1)
    Google (2)
    IIS (2)
    Internet Connection (21)
    Internet Explorer (222)
    Media Center (6)
    Media Player (135)
    Mozilla Firefox (22)
    MS Access (9)
    Performance (206)
    PHP (24)
    Programming (35)
    Security (36)
    Silverlight (29)
    Tools (128)
    Tutorials (45)
    Web Server (2)
    Windows 7 (434)
    Windows 8 (855)
    Windows Phone (33)
    Windows Tips (143)
    Windows Vista (64)
    Windows XP (24)
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  (All fields are required.) wrote on 2015-04-01...
I want my yahoo tool bar back some how it was taken down I want it back now.
user wrote on 2012-12-23...
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