Restoring Windows 7 System Image from Control Panel


How to restore a System Image on my Windows 7 computer? I can boot my computer and the control panel is accessible.



If your computer system is infected by a spamware, but it still usable, you can restore the system from a system image using the control panel.

Note that restoring your computer from a system image will erase all changes you have made on your computer after you created that system image.

1. Go to "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery\Advanced Recovery Methods" You see the "Advanced Recovery Methods" screen:

Choose an advanced recovery method
   After you have chosen a method, you'll have the opportunity
   to back up your files, such as documents, pictures, and music.
Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer
   If you have created a system image, you can use it to replace
   everything on this computer, including Windows, your programs,
   and all your files, with the information saved on the system
Reinstall Windows (requires Windows installation disc)
   This option will reinstall Windows on your computer. Afterward,
   you can restore your files from a backup. Any programs you've 
   installed will need to be reinstalled using the original 
   installation discs or files. Existing files might remain in the
   Windows.old folder on your hard disc after the reinstall

2. Click "Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer". You will see the "Do you want to back up your files" screen.

3. Click "Skip" if you don't need to backup any files from the hard drive.

4. Connect your external hard drive which has the system image to the computer.

5. Click "Restart". The computer will restart and restore the system from the system image. Just follow its instructions.


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