Booting Windows 7 from System Repair Disc


How to boot my Windows 7 computer with my System Repair Disc?



If you can not boot your Windows 7 computer normally from the hard drive, you can boot the computer from the System Repair Disc you created before using these steps:

1. Turn off the computer.

2. Insert the System Repair Disc into the CD drive.

3. Turn on the computer. You will see a prompt asking "do you want to boot from the CD/DVD drive".

4. Press Enter key to confirm. You will see another prompt asking to select the system language.

5. Select English and click Next, then click "Repair your computer". You will see Windows 7 listed on the screen.

6. Select "Windows 7" and click "Next". You will see the list of System Recovery Options displayed:

Choose a recovery tool
   Operating system: Microsoft Windows on (C:) Local Disk
Startup Repair
   Automatically fix problems that are preventing Windows
   from starting

System Restore
   Restore Windows to an earlier point in time
System Image Recovery
   Recover your computer using a system image you created
Windows Memory Diagnostic
   Check your computer for memory hardware errors
Command Prompt
   Open a command prompt window.

See the picture below:
System Recovery Options


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