Impact of Restoring Windows 7 System


How do I know what it will be changed if I restore my Windows 7 system with a Restore Point created in the past?



You find your system is infected by a spamware. Before restoring it with a system restore point created in the past, you can find out what programs will be effected using these steps:

1. Click "Start" button.

2. Right-click on "Computer" and select "Properties".

3. Click "System protection" in the left pane and click the "System Protection" tab.

4. Click "System Restore" and click "Next". You will see the list of system restore points that have been created by you or by the system itself.

5. Select a system restore point like "Windows Update" and click "Scan for affected programs". You will see the list of programs that will be affected if you go ahead the system to this restore point.
List of Affected Programs when Restoring System

The first section shows all programs that will be deleted if you decided to restore the system to this restore point. For example, Skype is in the list, which means it was installed after this restore point and you may need to reinstall it if you use this restore point.


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