Install Bluetooth Driver on Windows 7 for the First Time


How the Bluetooth driver gets installed on my computer? The Bluetooth icon is not showing up in the system tray (taskbar).



If you have a new Lenovo ThinkPad computer running Windows 7, the Bluetooth driver is not installed on yet. You can install it using these steps:

1. On your Lenovo ThinkPad computer, Press <Fn> and <F5> keys down together. You will see the Wireless Radios screen showing up.

2. Click "Radio On" to turn on Bluetooth radio, if the status is "Off".

3. Click "Close" to close the Wireless Radios screen.

4. Windows 7 will automatically start installing the Bluetooth driver on your computer. When it's done, the Bluetooth icon shows up in the system tray (taskbar).

Bluetooth Icon in Taskbar
Bluetooth Icon in Taskbar


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