Need aero on desktop in Windows 8


Microsoft windows 8 will be a big fail if you dont put aero on desktop and metro on tablets

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I've been running Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 for the last week on my laptop (Dont want to ruin my main PC) with Aero currently enabled.

Occasionally Aero will drop out and the windows will display with a plain colour instead which affects the edges of the windows and the taksbar.

Whether this is intentional to see if people notice when Aero drops out is unknown, but it looks hideous and might as well make windows look like v3.11 all over again.

I reset it by going back into right click>personalisation> and selecting the theme again and all is ok again for a while.

Microsoft really need to consider leaving the Aero 'Glass' in, after all, its already programmed, working in Windows 8 Preview, so whats the problem. For those that cant run it because their graphics cards cant (which is probably why they want to drop it as tablets will always have inferior graphics), then they can run the solid colour versions.

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