I want to view my photos like how I did in WIndows 7, with left and right arrows.


First time poster here. Just got a new laptop with Windows 8. Hate it, but trying to deal and figure things out. I have a ton of pictures and when I open one, there is no left arrow or right arrow so I can't move to another picture. I have to close it and then go back to Explorer and double-click the next picture to see it. (I can see it in preview mode but I want it in Windows Photo View mode.)
On the page that comes up, when I right click I get a little menu on the bottom that says Delete and something else -- Set? There is also a left arrow in the upper left and if I click it, a bunch of Facebook photos show up.

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In Windows 7 the default program is the Windows Photo Viewer. To set this program as the default in Windows 8, perform the following.
1. Press the WinKey+X to display the system menu and click Control Panel.
2. In Control Panel, select Default Programs. In the next window, click Set your default programs.
3. In the box on the left side, scroll down and click Windows Photo Viewer.
4. Click the Set this program as default option.
5. Click OK and exit Control Panel. Test the results.

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