Missing "add recipient" button


Just getting to grips with Windows 8 and have discovered one of many reasons I'm not enjoying the Mail app. The "add recipient" button (small + sign next to the recipient box) is missing! Anybody else had this issue? Any suggestions? I'm really hoping I don't have to re-install the program given how long it's taken me to set the thing up! Thanks.

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There is no 'add recipient' button that I'm aware of?

When you select the New email icon, you can type an email address in the 'To' box. If you want to add names from your People App, click the word 'To' and the People App will open. Select the Recipient there and click the Add button on the bottom toolbar.

This will add that recipient to the new email.

You can add multiple recipients by selecting all of the names in the People App before clicking the Add button.

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