Connect Windows Phone to Computer with Zune


How to connect my Windows Phone to my computer to sync photos, music and videos through Zune software.



After installing Zone software on your Windows computer, You can now connect your Windows Phone with the USB cable:

1. Connect Windows phone to Windows computer with the USB cable, the same cable that used to charge your phone.

2. On your computer, the Windows system will automatically install device drivers to support your phone. For example, if you have Samsung phone, it will install something like

SAMSUNG SGH-i937  - Ready to use
Windows Phone USB - Ready to use

3. If Zune is started yet, Windows system will start it automatically

4. If your is locked with a PIN, Zune will display a message like:

To sync media using the Zune software, first unlock the phone with your PIN.

The picture below shows you the Zune error message when your Windows phone is connected and locked:
Zune Error - Windows Phone Locked

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