Picture File Bluetooth Visible on Samsung SGH-A777 Phone


How do I make my picture files on my Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone Bluetooth visible so I can browse them on my Windows 7 system?

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If you took some nice picture with your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone you can follow these steps to make them Bluetooth visible to be browsed by other connected Bluetooth devices:

1. On your Samsung SGH-A777 cell phone, go to "Menu > My Stuff > Pictures". You will see a list of all pictures saved on your phone.

2. Select the picture file, "NewYearParty", and press "Options". You will see a list of picture options.

3. Select "More". Then select "Bluetooth Visibility" from the more option list. You will the selection mode list showing up.

4. Press "Select" on the "Selected" mode. You will see a mall Bluetooth icon displayed next to "NewYearParty" picture file.

"NewYearParty" picture file is Bluetooth visible now. You can return to your Windows 7 system and see this picture showing up when you browse your phone device.


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